Brand identity // Naming // Packaging // Illustration

There’s new a ch**se on the board! Choose is a plant-based alternative that speaks to the less "alternative" consumer, with an identity that steps playfully away from the more earthy, rugged eco brands out there.

Made from nuts not dairy, Choose dares you to stop settling for the ‘ee’sy option and to try something different.
The customised typeface used in the logo honours the brand's bold character, and depicts the act of spreading this creamy product.

The illustrated hand logomark symbolises the word 'okay', or 'perfect', assuring the consumer they are making the right choice. The hand illustrations also highlight the swapping of the letters ‘o’ and ‘e’ (cheese to choose) while portraying an up-beat youthfulness.

With a concept strongly centred around the idea of choice, a multiple choice questionnaire style layout with hand-drawn ticks and crosses, accompanied by a bold tone of voice, seek to involve the user in their purchase.
Growing competition on the plant-based shelf called for a refreshing colour palette for Choose’s range of flavours, keeping the pale pink throughout to reflect its creamy texture. With Gouda, a dutch style cheese, being the original flavour, orange was chosen as a primary brand colour.
The concept of choice comes through again in the slightly tongue-in-cheek website copy, playing on the name of the brand to empower the consumer and engage them in their user journey.
This is a conceptual project I had been wanting to bring to life for a long time.

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